This is too much.

the ending. i cant. my stomach dropped.

i don’t give a shit what fucking hipster picture you want to reblog after this just watch this and see if you want to make another joke about that day. the ending broke my heart

oh my god no that is the sadest thing ive ever seen in my life i cannot. oh my fucking i am crying. please watch this… i fucking hate the fucking bastards who did this i dont think ive hated anyone more in my life.

FUCK YOU osama bin laden! YOU CUNT

This made me cry :(

this made me cry even more.

this is horrible. the ending, oh my god. if you don’t reblog this, you are a horrible person. and to the people who did this, osama bin laden, and all you other motherfuckers, go rot in hell. you should have tortured in prison osama, not been killed, wheres the punishment in that?! fuck you. fuck you all. everyone, reblog this. now.

oh my god i can’t even. i’m in tears

oh my god.. :( the ending.. :’(

holy shit bro . holy SHIT . the ending , i just got so nauseated from hearing that . RIP all the victims of 9/11/O1

im fucking shaking. omg. i have litterally never cried over a video before. warning followers this is really shocking and impactful and emotional

I honestly didn’t want to reblog anything about 9/11 …… but oh. my. god.

i feel sick to my stomach.

it’s a good thing i’m in a really numb mood


Omg the end ); im crying.

my jaw.. it like.. dropped to the floor.. my eyes bulged… i can’t.. oh my gosh.. i- he was like like, “OH GOD. OH!!!” then the building dropped and i was like, “NO. NO KEVIN DON’T-” then my inside just went boom. this.. if you reblog.. i love you so much. R.I.P. Kevin Cosgrove.

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